Antipodes Preview
Presented by Philadelphia Contemporary & hosted by The Fairmount Park Conservancy
A transformation of the historic Lemon Hill mansion, filling it with a floor-to-ceiling installation of paintings and ceramics.

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The installation's imagination of an ecstatic future of unity, of a reconciliation of polar opposites,
perhaps surprisingly, is based on the tortured and finally transcendent imagination of Edgar
Allan Poe. His prose poem Eureka inspired the installation at Lemon Hill.

FIRST FLOOR: Lemon Hill is a Federal/Jeffersonian design. The oval grotto in greens and
browns painted on tapestry material with distemper theatre paint, is overlaid with glowing oil
figuration. This is an imaginative representation of colonialization. Seemingly disparate
imagery combines to present the ocean, making a unified presentation of conflicted ideals of
trade of the merchants such as Henry Pratt.

 Studio View    1st floor tapestry paintings 
 Studio View   1st Floor tapestry paintings 
 Overdoor   54 x 56" Distemper and Oil on linen 
 Over Mantel   72 x 96" distemper and oil on linen 
 studio view tyvec    2nd Floor Lemon Wall